Lectures and Talks

Ian Marson has over thirty years experience in genealogy and archive research and has also taught family history at adult education classes.Ian has also given talks and lectures to various groups and organisations. He is also available to undertake teaching workshops to groups which can be tailored to suit. If you would like to book a talk or workshop then please contact ianfm@linklines.co.uk or use the contact form 

The following talks are available, generally they last for up to one hour and are illustrated with power point presentations. 

  • Further Sources in Family History - Beyond births, marriages and deaths - Have you exhausted census and civil registration records? What are the next steps? An insight into using other records such as parish, nonconformist and wills to aid your research.
  • Wills - How useful are Wills in your research? Where do you find these important sources for family history? What sort of information can you expect to find?
  • Using the Internet for your research - There is a wealth of interesting and useful web sites available to aid your research  Ian looks at some of the popular and also more obscure web pages and also gives useful tips on how to extract information from some of the top web sites.
  • Family History - What's it all about? - This talk is suitable for those who are interested in staring out in research, it gives an insight into how to start researching and what records are available including some interesting facts found during the course of the many research projects Ian has undertaken over many years.
  • Yorkshire Records - Yorkshire has a plethora of repositories with a wealth of available records. If you have ancestors in Yorkshire you may want to know about some of the more unique records available in the county.  and where you can go to access those sources.

Standard fee per talk - £40
Travel within 25 miles - No charge
26-50 miles - £20
51-75 miles - £40
75 miles or over - please enquire.

The following additional talk is available:
  • Professional Genealogy - Specifically for those interested in moving into professional genealogy (Note: This talk lasts for up to two hours). What do you need to know about running a genealogical practice, what qualifications do you need? What about accreditation, business skills, marketing, researching and reporting? 
The fee for this talk is £75 plus travel costs.